Digitize Your Lab Operations With Great Ease

Smart Solution For Smarter Teams

Still using traditional methods to record material testing data? Appegic LIMS is a smart, convenient, and time-saving solution that will digitally elevate your lab operations for a 360-degree makeover.

About LIMS

Appegic’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a flexible and feasible web-based solution for all types of material testing. Our highly configurable LIMS abides by government standards and is compatible with being used by small, mid, or high-end laboratories.

Appegic LIMS lets the Material Testing Laboratories take a relaxed backseat while ensuring automation of complete business processes and smooth workflow.

Configured & Developed with a long-term vision, Appegic LIMS solution suits the smallest of the real-time requirement of the testing laboratories. Our smart and technologically advanced LIMS solution covers many global and Indian tests including

  • Spectro Analysis-Fe
  • Tensile Test
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cube
  • Hardness Test
  • Macro Etch Test
  • Bend Test
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Standardized Test Methods
Makes your work stress-free by offering a facility to define Test Methods and Reference Standards that are approved and authorized by Government, to choose from before initiating the process.
Stringent Workflow Authorization
Configured with smart and stringent authorization workflow while the material inward process that will leave no window for human error. Unless and until a senior authority approves the process, the test procedure cannot be started.
Simplified Testing & Reporting
The solution offers permutation and a combination of multiple testing on a single material in a simplified manner to execute. The results can be viewed and printed in customized ways for quick analysis at a later stage.
Summarized Accounting
Quick access to all your profits and spending can be viewed in a snap with our smart integrated accounting module. It has multiple summary reports, rolewise incentive calculation facility, facility to generate vendor/client wise CN / DN, and a lot more.

Why Appegic LIMS

Our thoughtfully designed LIMS solution provides a great level of customization depending on laboratory testing parameters required for different testing domains such as Chemical, Mechanical, Corrosion, Metallography, Plastic, Rubber, Paints, Civil, Wood, NDT, GEO Textile, etc.
360 degree digitization
What could be easier than accessing real-time data in just one click? Appegic LIMS Solution offers 360 degrees of digitization for all your laboratory operations. Uploading, Managing, Reporting & Identifying data in LIMS can be done instantly, and with fewer efforts.
Anybody can LIMS
Appegic LIMS solution has the most adaptable interface and hence makes it easier for anyone from the laboratory team to operate it for a targeted purpose. The laboratory team does not require any sort of special skills or certification to operate this solution.
Integrated Incentive Module
Appegic LIMS is probably one and the only solution that integrates a customized Incentive module. This module rewards team members with an incentive amount for each accomplished task within the system. This will speed up the overall processes at the laboratory.
Smart Report Summaries
Our compatible solution records every single data to summarize them later in the form of a smart report. Appegic LIMS allows its users to select various permutation and combination of data to view, print, or download report in desired formats
Stringent Authentication & Authorization
The system is smooth to operate but has stringent authentication & authorization parameters. Unless and until the authorized registered person approves of particular job work, the data remains secure to be used further
Abides To Government Standards
Besides all the process driven benefits, Appegic LIMS system is configured to abide to Government Standards listed for laboratory testing procedures. It has inbuilt Test References registered by Government, Revise & Re-test facility, QR Scanning of report and a lot more.

Types of Tests

You can define Tests as per your business requirements with reference standards and test methods. Test Report templates are customizable according to your report format. Test Certificate number vouchers series are customizable and you can define them as per business requirement

Volume fraction
Density Test
Ferrite Measurement
Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
Pile Integrity Test
Cross hole Sonic Logging Test (CSL)
Ferrite Testing
Conical Mandrel Bend Test
Pile Load Test
Plastic & Rubber Tensile Test
Electrical Resistivity of Soil

Testing Materials

Appegic LIMS Solution is tailored to be capable of measuring and reporting business analytical testing activities of
almost all sort of materials such as:

Appegic LIMS features

From Material Inward to Material Testing Authorization, Various Job Work to varied types of Reporting, Dispatch of final report and material to Revise or Re-Test facilities, Generation of Invoice to being an extensive MIS, Appegic’s LIMS Solution is a customizable boon to Laboratories across the globe.